Family Gallery
Share Family Photos in Digital Family Scrapbook

Upload, view and share photos and (soon to come) videos, with your  entire family no matter where in the world they live, with the confidence of knowing your private content will never be accessible or viewable by strangers.  Even family members permitted to see these photos will not be able to download them or post them on the Internet, unless you specifically provide them permission to do so.

Family iBoard’s Gallery is Simple & Intuitive

Family Photo Album List
See a listing of all Family Gallery albums published, and easily search, sort and filter the list to your preferences.

Album Thumbnails
Easily see what photos/videos are in each posted family album, along with the number of family comments you have read, and not yet read.

Edit & Publish Albums
You always have access to any Album that you've authored, and you can easily edit and publish these albums to some or all members of your private family network.

Family Gallery Viewer

When you click on an album thumbnail, you get a large view of the included photos, along with the caption for each photo.

Brings Your Experiences to Life

Add/View Comments
Click on "Comments" to easily add a comment to any published photo, or view all the comments your family has made about a photo.

Photo Author & Title
Every photo shows the photo's author and title.

Photo Thumbnails
Photo thumbnails allow you to easily see which photos are coming up and which ones you've already seen.

Full Screen and Slide-Show Mode
In addition to the pop-up photo viewer, you can also experience your family memories in full screen mode and an album slide-show mode..

Photo Download  Feature
Only if the publisher of the photo provided you download access can you save it to your computer.  If not, you would only be able to view the photo within the Family iBoard.