Family Library
Store Family History in Digital Safe Deposit Box

The Family Library is a digital safe where you can document, store and share family keepsakes, recipes and stories, to that can be handed down from generation to generation, along with a true historical timeline for every member in your PFN.

All your proprietary content is stored and backed-up in our world class cloud storage network. With Family iBoard you know that precious photos, letters, art, critical documents, awards, recipes and family history will be perfectly preserved.


Family LifePath

Lifepath is a unique timeline feature that is a graphic representation of a person’s complete life history.  Any photo, story, keepsake, achievement, etc. that is posted and tagged with a family member’s name and actual date of occurrence is automatically and chronologically compiled into their “lifepath.”.

A More Comprehensive, Personalized and Interactive Family Tree

Click on any family member and significant events in their personal history are laid out in an interactive and illustrated LifePath.  So when reliving a particular point in time in one’s life, poignant memories and heirlooms can be shared, for example:

  • Milestones – Graduation dates, awards won and anniversaries
  • Photos – Pictures of newborns, family outings or scanned photographs
  • Stories – How mom met, grandpa’s military service,  or an priceless childhood memory
  • Keepsakes – Scanned family treasures, such as passports, trophies and jewelry
  • Recipes – Dishes and secret ingredients passed along from generation to generation

LifePath - Assuring that lives, achievements and memories of you and your loved ones are celebrated for generations

Family Keepsakes

The Family Keepsakes are family items that you can scan, capture in a photo, or create digitally, such as family member passports, military medals, high school trophies, art by a family member, and much more.

A Digital Safe For Those Items In Your Attic & Basement

Keepsakes Thumbnails
The Keepsakes thumbnails provide you access to published keepsake documents, PDFs and photos, and allows you to view all comments posted and viewed.

Keepsakes Details
Allows you to add a “back story” around your family's historically significant content.

Add Family Keepsakes
Adding new keepsakes to the Family iBoard is a simple one click operation.

Family Recipes

Every family has  recipes handed down from generation to generation.  Perhaps there's a new recipe destined to be an instant family classic to share with family members? . The Family Recipes section creates a permanent vault for your family's culinary legacy.

The Perfect Way To Store And Hand Down Those Treasured Family Recipes

Recipe Details
Add a Family Recipe with all of the important information about it, including the originator of the recipe.

Recipe Photo(s)
Add as many pictures as you want for any recipe you author.

Add New Recipe
Just click the "Add New Recipe" button and enter the information to create your recipe.

Add/View Comments
Easily add comments to any published family recipe, or view all comments your family has made about a recipe.

Print Function
Allows for easy printing of any published Family Recipe.

Family Stories

The Family Stories section is where those  inspiring, funny, even embarrassing experiences that form your family legacy are brought to life.  Retell the story, add photos and keep the memory alive for every generation to come.

The Digital Version Of Those Stories Told During Holiday Get Togethers

Family Stories List
See a listing of  all published Family Stories, and easily search, sort and filter the list to your preference.

Add Family Story
A single click allows you to create a Family Story.  An embedded spell checker helps you create articles without spelling errors.

Family Story Photo(s)
Family Stories allows you to add photos relating to the family history, events and experiences you are writing about.  You can upload new photos for the story or pull photos already in your Family Gallery.

Add/View Comments
Easily add comments to any published Family Story, or view all comments your family has made about a story.

Edit & Publish Articles
You always have access to any story you authored, and can easily edit and publish these stories to some or all members of your private family network.