Family iBoard® Pricing

  • Private Family Network (“PFN”) Set-Up Fee - The PFN Set-Up Fee is a one-time $19.99 charge for the set-up of a Private Family Network, which includes 15 GB of data storage and an additional 10 GB of data storage for every active paying member in the network.  The PFN Set-Up Fee is due 30 days after the PFN is created and can be paid by a single PFN member, or shared across multiple members in the same PFN.
  • Annual Membership Fee - The annual membership cost is $7.99 for each Family iBoard member.  Membership discount packages are also available when purchasing multiple annual memberships at the same time, and include:
    • 4-Member Package - $23.99/year (25% savings)
    • 10-Member Package - $55.99/year (30% savings)
    • 30-Member Package - $143.99/year (40% savings)

    Access to a second family network is an additional $3.99 per year, and each additional family network is available at $1.99 per network/per year. 

  • PFN Creator Rebate - For the person that creates a Private Family Network, their first year membership is included in the PFN Set-Up Fee.  Future annual membership cost for the PFN Creator/Manager is $7.99 per year, with a 50% discount available if their PFN has more than five active members.  There is no renewal charge for PFNs with more than 10 active members.
  • Active Military Personnel Are Free - We will waive the annual membership fee for all currently deployed military personnel, allowing them to be in constant connection with their families while they are protecting their families and our nation.
  • Data Transfer -Each member is limited to 1 GB of data transfer per calendar month.  Additional blocks of monthly data transfer can be purchased for $0.99 per GB/per year.