Family News
Staying in Touch with the Family News Feed

The Family News section allows you to easily create and share family news articles with your family no matter where they are in the world.   Whether your news article is a sound bite or detailed story with multiple photos, adding content to the Family iBoard is quick and easy.

Family iBoard’s Intuitive Design Lets You Produce Smiles Daily

Easily View and Sort
There’s always a lot going on with big, extended families.  Quickly see the most recent articles published. Easily search, sort and filter the list to your preferences.

Publish Articles with One Click
Quickly create perfect content from “your side of the family” with the embedded spell checker.

Add Photos Relating to Your Content
Family News articles allows you to add photos relating to the event you are writing about.  You can upload new photos for the article, or pull photos already in your Family Gallery.

Add/View Comments
Easily add comments to any published news article, or enjoy all the comments your family has made about an article.

Edit & Publish Articles for Different Constituencies
iBoard allows you to choose all or specific members of the family to share information with.  Knowing that “families will be families” you always have access to any content you've authored, and  can easily edit and re-publish these articles to some or all members of your private family network.

Print Function
Allows for easy printing of any Family News article, so you can hang it up on your refrigerator, or anywhere else.