Family iBoard Press Release - June 26, 2014

The Family iBoard and “Safe Family Networking” Discussed on the Nationally Broadcast TV Show, The Balancing Act

PENNINGTON NJ – June 26, 2014 – Christopher T. Gentile, CEO and Founder of iBoard Incorporated was interviewed on the nationally broadcast TV show, The Balancing Act.  The show  focused on "Safe Family Networking" and will discuss the Family iBoard, as a truly private and secure social network platform specifically designed for family communication.  The Family iBoard segment will air on The Balancing Act on July 31st and August 7th, at 7:00 AM EST

Julie Moran, the host of the Lifetime Network show, The Balancing Act, focused on families’ trust issues with public social networks and made a strong case that families need private networks where data and content is truly private. Julie empathized that for many people, family personal data, content and communication is meant for family only -- not to be shared or sold to outside companies.

Christopher Gentile showed how the Family iBoard® is a first-of-its-kind desktop, and mobile application, that provides families with a truly private social network to share digital content with family members only. Designed specifically for family-oriented sharing, the Family iBoard features and functionality help family members better communicate, share and preserve content with other family members and loved ones, safely and securely on a truly private and protected network.

“Until now, families have lacked a way to privately share all the kinds of information, physical items and pictures that families tend to care about most. Other social networks put this content at risk and people realize that,” said Christopher.  “With the Family iBoard we’re giving family members an easy and safe way to keep in touch.”

The Family iBoard is a truly secure and closed network, with no advertising or sharing of personal data with outside companies. All content posted is under complete control of the author. Other popular social networks, even with privacy settings in place, offer no guarantee that content shared is truly private. For example, a photo that is shared with an approved “friend” can be easily saved by this friend and then shared within and outside the network.

The Family iBoard encrypts all content, making it viewable only within the password-protected Family iBoard. Only if an authorized family member specifically grants download permission can any content be saved.  The Family iBoard even disables the "print screen" function to further prevent family items from being shared outside of the family's network. Uploaded photos and keepsakes will never be accessible or viewable by strangers. 

Additionally, iBoard's Cloud Network Storage helps guarantee to the subscribers that their content will always be available to pass down from generation to generation.

The Family iBoard segment on The Balancing Act is tentatively scheduled to air on July 31, 2014 and August 7, 2014 at 7AM EST

The Family iBoard is available via a free 30-day trial. After the trial period, there is a one-time Private Family Network set-up fee of $19.99, which includes 15 GB of storage and an additional 10 GB for every active member in the network.  The yearly membership cost is $7.99 for each Family iBoard member.

iBoard technologies have been in use since 2004 by over 5.5 million installations, and utilized by many companies such as Lexus, Ameriprise Financial, MTV Networks, Honda, DirecTV, Best Buy Target, all of the major record labels, and many more.

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The iBoard array of applications includes Custom iBoards® which are designed and licensed for business, organizational and consumer use. Business to Business  iBoards® have been utilized by Lexus, Ameriprise Financial, Country Music Television and others for communication, content distribution, training, production and creative. Consumer iBoards® have been utilized for ongoing B2C communication by companies, such as MTV Networks, Cablevision, DirecTV, Best Buy, Comcast, and Bell South, to deliver and distribute exclusive content to promote viewership and the acquisition of new products.



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