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Family iBoard Press Release - June 26, 2014
Christopher T. Gentile, CEO and Founder of iBoard Incorporated will be interviewed on the nationally broadcast TV show, The Balancing Act, to discuss the Family iBoard and “Safe Family Networking” -
Read More - October 29, 2012
by Wendy Boswell
CEO Christopher Gentile provides with critical information for families to stay safe online during the holiday season  - Read More

Mashable - September 7, 2012
by Veena Bissram
Mashable, the social media experts tells  readers, “Stay connected on Family iBoard THE social network for families”.  - Read More

Fast Company - September 6, 2012
by Kaihan Krippendorff
“FamilyiBoard has conceived something better than Facebook, your house under lock and key where only your family members can enter, sit together and share the family photo album”  - Read More

Kiwi Magazine - August/September 2012
Kiwi magazine tells families, "too far away to spend the day together, than build a family network on the new Family iBoard, multi-generation social media app." 
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Tech Talk with Craig Peterson - June 24, 2012
CEO Christopher Gentile  tells nation's top rated technology radio show why Family iBoard is a safer and better social networking alternative for families. 
Listen to Infiniti Broadcasting’s Tech Talk with Craig Peterson now.

Internet Safety Expert's Online Safety Tips - June 22, 2012
by Lori Getz
In honor of Internet Safety Month, Internet Safety Expert, Lori Getz has generously shared her expertise with us on staying safe online  - Read More

Ten to Twenty Parenting  - “Facebook and Tweens: Three Reasons Why Parental Supervision Won’t Cut It” - June 19, 2012
by Christopher T. Gentile
Family iBoard CEO Christopher Gentile discusses 3 reasons why parental online supervision won’t cut it  - Read More

Family iBoard Press Release - June 19, 2012
June's Internet Safety Month Offers a Chance for Parents to Talk to Kids —
Family iBoard Shares Online Safety Tips - Read More

IT Canada - “All in the family (network)” - June 14, 2012
by Rachel Levy Sarfin
CEO Christopher Gentile and IT Canada discuss how Facebook's privacy network settings do not do enough to protect personal information  - Read More

Trend Micro Advice - “Facebook for Kids: Is it That Alarming?” - June 6, 2012
by Lynette Owens - Director of Internet Safety for Kids and Families  - Trend Micro
“If you want your kids to use social media today, there are options out there such as... Family iBoard”  - Read More

Family iBoard Press Release - May 30, 2012
iBoard Unveils Family iBoard®, First Private Social Network for Families – Securely Connecting Families For All Generations - Read More

Yoursphere For Parents Review - “A Social Networking Tool Created Just for Families” - May 29, 2012
by Mary Kay Hoal - Founder, President, COO - Yoursphere Media, Inc.
The Family iBoard (available for Windows, Mac OSX, and all iOS devices) is an advanced message board/forum that is that gives your family their own Private Family Network. Think of it as a digital family safe where your family members can share private information and content with each other without worrying about their online privacy [...] - Read More