Family iBoard Software Installation

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Please follow the instructions below to Install the Family iBoard software.

Installation Steps:

  1. If the download does not begin automatically in a few seconds, then CLICK HERE to download the "FamilyiBoardSetup.dmg" disk image file.
  2. Double-click the "FamilyiBoardSetup.dmg" disk image file that was downloaded to your computer.
  3. Double-click the “Install Family iBoard” icon that appears after launching the Installation package.
  4. In the security pop-up that appears, click “Open” to continue.
  5. When prompted, enter your Username and Password and then click “OK” to continue.
  6. The Setup application will launch (may take several seconds to load).
    • On the welcome screen, click the “Next” button to continue.
    • On the License Agreement screen, click the “I accept the agreement” radio button and then the “Next” button to continue.
    • The Setup application will now install the following components on your computer (this step will take several minutes):
      • Adobe AIR (if not already installed)
      • iBoardHelper
      • Family iBoard
    • On the Installation Complete screen, click the “Finish” button to continue.